Profitable Wisdom helps small and medium sized businesses grow sales, profits, cash flow and shareholder value, while engaging employees and pursuing the business, owner and family long-term strategic goals. We have vast experience successfully supporting businesses at various stages including those just starting out; those in need of repair; those performing below stakeholder expectations; and those that are preparing for transition or sale. We seek to benefit the owners, employees and other stakeholders, including the communities in which we operate.

We believe Canadian businesses need the freedom to act with the confidence of knowing that they have the resources needed to make impossible a reality. Whether those decisions are business related or personal for the business owner, a profitable business is the best way to secure those important resources.

We are business advisors and consultants. Our fields of expertise include finance, marketing, operations and employee engagement. Our consultants harness their experience and expertise to find ways to increase profits and improve business gains. We deliver insightful solutions that drive profits and growth by implementing strategic plans that get your business from where it is to where you desire it to be.

Our Team


Munawarali Cassoobhai

Munawarali Cassoobhai is a chartered accountant with over 20 years international consulting experience. His experience includes manging complex projects in Canada, the Middle East, UK, and Pakistan.

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Kevin Ballantyne

Kevin Ballantyne is a business consultant, part-time CFO and President of Profitable Wisdom. Based in Kitchener, Ontario, he helps companies in many industries, specializing in the retail, manufacturing, engineering and distribution sectors.

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John D. Marshall

John Marshall is an experienced Business Development Executive with a proven track record of delivering profitable growth and effective growth strategies in many business environments.

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Pinghu Chen

Pinghu Chen is our Director of Bookkeeping at Profitable Wisdom. She is a certified bookkeeper with over 20 years experience in providing bookkeeping to small businesses.

Rob Hall

A Financial Services Executive with over 30 years’ experience in the banking and financing. He has worked in both “Big Banks” and Credit Unions. Rob focuses on helping clients understanding their business and objectives and then, proposes financing structures that allow them to meet their goals by obtaining the financing they need at competitive rates with the goal to save clients interest and bank fees on their current borrowings.

As a management consulting firm, Profitable Wisdom delivers a pioneering approach to real business problems. We help organizations make the changes needed to seize competitive advantages in their market and achieve their targets.

With true insight and the ability to transform it into action, Profitable Wisdom has driven real change in organizations across South Western Ontario and beyond.

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