Profitable Wisdom can assess and make recommendations for improvement across the 18 key value drivers of your business.

18 drivers

Our business assessment service is critical to determining where the risks and opportunities are in your business. We estimate your enterprise value and the value gap to what the enterprise could be worth.

Profitable Wisdom does a thorough assessment in about two hours. We then take the results and write an in-depth Operational Strength & Value Report (click here for a report sample) that includes Executive Summary, a rating out of 100, estimated enterprise value, value gap, our strategic Interpretation and recommendation on each of the 18 value drivers and red flags, plus suggested next steps.

Businesses that use this assessment and software have increased the value of their business by 26% on average. Thus an investment of only $4,500 will provide you with an excellent return on your investment. For this price, you get a customized in-depth Operational Value Report and the use of CoreValue Software for one year. This software lists the tasks that need to be done to increase the value of your company and tracks your progress. You can either do these tasks on your own or Profitable Wisdom can help you through our Business Value Improvement Service.

Profitable Wisdom can even help you with the implementation the tasks identified so that you will eventually sell your business for much more than it is worth today and eliminate the red flags that could cause you not to be able to sell your business at all.

Assess - Overview ReportIf you are considering selling your business or transferring it to a family member in the next 10 years, this Business Assessment is a must. It acts like a pre-due diligence so that you are ready when a buyer comes knocking. It also determines how to make your business healthier and more likely to survive when it is taken over by the next owners.

The Business Assessment provides you with a clear view of the Market and Operational drivers of your business. You will clearly see your business’ strengths, weAssess - CoreValue Rating Reportaknesses, risks, and opportunities. We also provide you with recommendations on how you can improve your business and increase its value so you will have more when you are ready to retire.

This Business Assessment allows you to view your business from a potential buyer’s perspective so that you are ready when the time comes.

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