Business Plans

DSK Profitable Wisdom helps you and your business to succeed by preparing your professional, customized and affordable Business Plan. Our Business Plans are an excellent investment for meeting your goals, whether it is to:

  • Attract the financing to start, grow or buy a business;
  • Substantially grow your business revenue and profits; or
  • Build a sellable and more valuable business.

With a Business Plan prepared by DSK Profitable Wisdom, you are more focused on:

  • Who your customers are and how to reach them;
  • How you differentiate your company from your competition;
  • What financial and non-financial targets you need to meet;
  • What tasks need to accomplished to keep the business on track; and
  • Where you ultimately want to be by “Starting with the End in Mind”.

When you choose DSK Profitable Wisdom to prepare your customized Business Plan, you get the expertise of a Chartered Professional Accountant / Chartered Accountant with over 25 years of experience in various industries. This experience includes preparing Business and Strategic Plans, increasing profits and cash flow and improving efficiencies. We also understand the Private Equity Market and what makes a valuable and saleable business so that our clients are better prepared for their inevitable exit from their business.

Business Plans start at $4,500 and include:

  • 2 Meetings
  • 2 Drafts of the Business Plan to review
  • 2 Final Bound Hard Copies
  • 1 PDF copy
  • 3-year monthly forecast of Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow
  • Keys to Success for your business
  • Market Strategy
  • Competitor and Market Research Overview

DSK Profitable Wisdom can also help you with completing your Business Plan that you have already started and we can review, evaluate, edit or rewrite your existing Business Plan. Contact us to get a quote.

Let DSK Profitable Wisdom help you make your goals a reality. Contact us today.