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If you need a formal valuation for legal or tax purposes, we can put you in touch with a CBV that can do that for you at a very reasonable price. However, have you considered that you may not be able to sell your business at all? Your business may be profitable, but most likely your business is not in a saleable condition and isn’t valued high enough to meet your needs in retirement. This is likely because less than 10% of businesses are currently not saleable and less than 10% of business end up being sold. Add to this the fact that 89% of business owners are reliant on the proceeds from the sale of their business, makes for a crisis waiting to happen. Profitable Wisdom assesses your business to measure its salability and determine the gap between what it is worth and what it potentially is worth. We also provide all the tasks to fill that gap and help you to implement them. To treat your business as an investment and increase its value, Profitable Wisdom offers the following solutions;