After your business has been assessed (see Business Assessment Service), it is important to take the next step (Business Value Improvement) so that you begin filling the value gap and increase the value and “saleability” of your business.

Business Value Improvement Service involves a deeper dive into the 18 value drivers of your business, but not necessarilyPlan Track - Workbook all at once. We work with you at your pace. This service includes working with Profitable Wisdom where we train you on the software, go through the most urgent areas and lay out a plan with specific tasks. It doesn’t have to stop there because we can continue working with you at whatever pace best suits your goals and your budget. We work at a fixed rate of $1,200 per day.

Plan Track - DashboardProfitable Wisdom uses software to make it easy to create a work plan and track progress. Your Dashboard shows your list of tasks and a calendar with due dates, that you create yourself or are provided by Profitable Wisdom. It also shows the progress you are making in adding value to your business.

The software suggests tasks that improve your enterprise value. These tasks can be sorted by Driver, Score, Value Gap and by Biggest Bang for your Buck which is the most valPlan Track - Tasksue increase for the lowest cost in time and money. Each task shows the goal, a suggested To-Do and the ability to create a custom To-Do.

The software even has a planning tool where you can run What If scenarios.

Everything you do in the software is saved securely in your company’s vault, including comments and documents that you can upload to substantiate the value in your company and provide to potential buyers.

Plan Track - VaultIt is crucial to have your business in prime shape to sell because an unexpected offer, or worse, an unplanned life event could happen at any time. Profitable Wisdom can help you to put your business in prime shape to sell and increase its value.

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