Put us to the challenge to discover cost reductions in your company. We take a dual approach to finding cost savings:

  1. We review your financial performance on an overall basis and / or by various segments such as product lines and customer types, to find hidden treasures of cost savings.
  2. Our associates have the expertise, the processes and the software to find and implement cost savings.  They know the best value for goods and services and are recognized by vendors as representing high volume. This enables them to pass on the best value for you with a 90% project success rate and 20% average savings.

Cost Saving Associates

Courier Cost Savings

Save on Courier Expense at no risk by having this expert with over 20 years of experience and excellent relations with senior leadership at major courier vendors negotiate a better deal than you have currently.

Employee Benefit Savings

When you shop for Employee Benefit Plans, companies are often promised large savings in the first year but find there are no savings after that.  Most Insurance companies allocate “marketing” dollars to fund the savings in the first year but this is not sustainable.  This expert, with over 25 years experience, provides substantial savings that continue perpetually because of the much lower administration fees.  Discover the significant savings your company can realize.

Packaging Cost Savings

Achieve lower packaging costs with equal or better quality and delivery at no risk by having this expert with 32 years experience in the industry negotiate for your business. He has knowledge of pricing, the best equipment, the companies hungry for business and will match your business with the right vendor for mutual success.

Office Supply Savings

Reduce your office supply expense at no risk by having a former CFO for a major Office Supply provider negotiate a better deal than you currently have by using his contacts, his knowledge of the industry and the discounts available.

Workers Compensation Savings

Save on WSIB expenses by using the services of this WSIB expert that lectures across Canada about Workers Compensation and has helped organizations of all sizes save millions of dollars by taking a professional look at medical assumptions in accidents and rehabilitation plans.

Photocopier Savings

Reduce your Photocopier purchase cost at no risk using the expertise of former VP of a major copier vendor that has been consulting for 10 years, knows where to find the best technology, who is offering the best prices and how to get the best terms doing thousands of deals every year.

Telecommunications Savings

Reduce your telecommunications expense by having this expert with 27 years experience in the industry negotiate better prices. He knows the players, the technology and what the pricing can be for clients. He understands systems architecture, cellular, data, wireless, VOIP and hardware.

Other Possible Categories of Cost Savings

  • Freight – air, land, ocean
  • Employee uniforms
  • Pallets
  • Shipping, factory and warehouse supplies
  • Waste & scrap management
  • Equipment maintenance contracts
  • Printing (stationary & marketing materials)
  • Foreign currency exchange
  • Energy (natural gas and electricity)
  • Janitorial contracts & cleaning supplies
  • Property taxes
  • Credit reporting services

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