Ask yourself the following questions to find out:

  1. Are you and your team following and tracking an action plan with well defined and measurable goals that were created through an updated strategic plan?
  2. Do you receive monthly management reports that include key performance indicators that provide you with the benchmarks to measure progress and health of your business?
  3. Is your monthly and year-end financial information accurate, reliable and timely and is someone properly prepared for managing the relationships with external accountants, attorneys & investors?
  4. Do you have someone to train, coach, manage and even recruit accounting staff so they are efficient and effective in their roles?
  5. Do you receive cash flow forecasts and advice on improving cash flow regularly?
  6. Do you need help in obtaining outside financing and managing banking relationships?
  7. Do you have someone to review contracts to see if the financial obligations in the contract are reasonable and help you strengthen the business and lessen risk?
  8. Do you have someone with a fresh and independent viewpoint that is forward-thinking to help create and implement a business plan and/or strategic plan to help take the business to the next level?
  9. Does your senior accountant help you and the rest of the management team understand financial statements and interpret results to help them make better decisions?
  10. Does your finance team regularly come up with ideas to lower costs, improve processes & controls and increase profits, while identifying barriers to grow and develop strategies to overcome them?
  11. Is there someone in your company that analyzes the profitability of products, markets, and marketing strategies while also focusing on increasing shareholder value?
  12. Do you make well-informed decisions with the help of a trusted financial advisor that you can talk to about your challenges and opportunities including preparing you and your business for transition and/or sale?

If you answered no to any of these questions, consider Profitable Wisdom to be your Part-time CFO

Entrepreneurs and business owners manage growing businesses and they need a strategic partner to lead and manage fundraising, budgeting, and financial reporting. Part Time CFO can also monitor cash flows, implement controls and systems, prepare investor reports, strengthen your accounting team and help implement a consistent business plan.

Profitable Wisdom’s part-time CFO Services help organizations of all sizes, and all industries. As financial professionals, we help with almost all operational and planning services, including financial stewardship, strategic business planning, break-even analysis, cash flow projection, bank negotiation, budgeting, benchmarking, and more.

While not every company can afford an in-house Chief Financial Officer, all companies and even start-ups benefit greatly from sound financial advice. A part-time CFO is similar to a full-time CFO, however, our consultants are not an employee, reducing your costs and giving you access to advanced expertise. A part-time CFO is not always on-site, but always available.

How Profitable Wisdom can help


As part-time CFOs, our experts bring the highest level of expertise and experience at a portion of the cost. In certain situations, we act as your representative when interacting with clients, vendors and most importantly, bankers.

Profitable Wisdom provides a flexible engagement model, which depending on the size and growth of your business, enables you to increase or decrease our engagement level. This guarantees that your business benefits from having top CFO talent and advise based on your organization’s exact needs.

  • Uncertain with where your business is making or losing money?
  • Worried about having enough cash to meet payroll and vendor invoices?
  • Feeling uninformed with financial performance because your statements are just a long column of numbers and you don’t have clear indicators to judge performance?

Profitable Wisdom is a Xero Certified Advisor, Cloud-based Accounting Software that makes managing your business easier and more fun. For small businesses who use Xero Accounting Software, we offer WiseWiser & Wisest CFO Services.

Contact us and schedule a meeting to learn more about our part-time CFO services.