Great leaders and engaged employees result in superior performance

Profitable Wisdom, in association with The Achievement Centre, has the programs to make the leaders of your organization greatly effective and make your employees highly engaged and focused; both resulting in significantly improved financial performance and happier staff.

A Gallop poll shows that companies with engaged employees outperform companies without engaged employees by up to 202%. Sadly, more than two thirds of all employees are not engaged and this is costing most companies millions in lost sales and profits.

At Profitable Wisdom, we know what it takes to make great leaders and highly engage employees.

How we implement:

Here are the different ways we train leadership and engage employees:

  • Results-Centred Leadership™ training
  • Develop skills to build on strengths – RADAR™
  • Sales team development – Pure Selling™
  • Increase employee engagement – Ownership Thinking™
  • Financial statement training for the non-financial manager
  • Effective communication – FullyConnected in Business™
  • Connect in Business with trust, logic and emotion
  • Superior Presentations
  • Intercultural competency awareness

A comment about Ownership Thinking™:

In 2008 we tripled our bottom line and distributed over $300K in profits to our employees! Pretty miraculous results. Ownership Thinking was the best investment we have made.

~ Steve Winter, Owner and CEO, ERGOS Technology

A comment about Results-Centred Leadership™:

This course changes one's thought processes and must be reinforced through review until it becomes second nature. Excellent beyond words.

~ Marilyn Alexander, General Manager Pembroke Comfort Inn

If you are interested in achieving these kinds of results, talk to Profitable Wisdom about how we can help train your leaders and engage your employees.