Equipment and vehicle dealers and distributors face today an increase in competition, reduction in retail margins, decreased absorption rates and limited skilled labour markets. However, manufacturers expect even greater market share and customers have a growing expectation of great service.

Equipment and vehicle manufacturers consider dealer development a key aspect of their market development and market share success. OEM's know that a stronger and more prosperous dealer network is more willing and capable of making investments needed for market share growth and improved end customer satisfaction.

Our Dealer Development Services are an intensive effort to position the manufacturer for system-wide gains in market share.

The Profitable Wisdom dealer development consulting service typically starts with an intensive assessment of a dealership’s real world strengths and deficiencies. The programs are focused on identifying and addressing specific financial, operational and management deficiencies. Profitable Wisdom also supports clients with a comprehensive suite of network planning services, including detailed market analyses, optimal dealer modeling, territory design and dealer/market performance measurement.

The consultants at Profitable Wisdom have a proven track record in helping dealers achieve significant improvements in efficiency and profitability. Our unique approach allows us to show dealer principals where the money is by demonstrating how much their current processes are costing them and the savings and profit improvement potential that can be achieved by implementing our recommendations.

In today's competitive environment, your success depends on matching your dealer network to consumer behavior and demand. Optimizing your network -in terms of the number, size, location and product/service mix- is critical. Our advisory and consulting service helps you:

  • Understand your regional market
  • Assess current/future network opportunities
  • Find prospect customers and locate opportunities
  • Optimize your dealer networks
  • Model the impact of network modification and innovation
  • React quickly to market changes
  • Increase sales, market share, market coverage and profitability
  • Understanding business segmentation - Parts, Service and whole goods success
  • Working WITH the OEM - Maximizing OM programs and services

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