When your business needs to fix its operational or financial issues and improve profitability, our specialists help you find the root problems and work hard to implement the right solutions.

In this constantly changing business environment, every company faces big challenges. Taking a step in the wrong direction can have a big impact on business performance and company value. Profitable Wisdom’s expert team guides you through difficult times to deliver real results for all involved.

Change and Turnaround

To overcome financial or operational challenges and improve profitability, it is important to stabilize your cash and liquidity situations while taking a realistic approach to available options.

At Profitable Wisdom, we create solutions that help stabilize companies that are having cash flow and performance issues. We do this by discovering options available for strategic, organizational, operational and financial improvement, and then executing them for positive results.

We help you focus on the key issues and guide you through the critical stages of change management:

  • Recognize and understand the need for change: How to effectively assess our options?
  • Communicate the need and get people involved: Who should be involved? Need additional help?
  • Develop strategic change plans: What are the financial effects of the various options?
  • Execute plans: How to ensure full delivery of the change plan?
  • Evaluate and determine success: What risks and costs are associated with each path, including contingency plans? Have you chosen the right options?

Financial Restructuring

When a business is experiencing financial difficulties, stakeholders often look for information or resources to help rebuild their confidence. Through our financial expertise, we help you understand the current landscape of borrowers, lenders and shareholders, and coordinate stakeholder communications, so you stay ahead of the issues and make the right decisions. We help you diagnose short-term liquidity needs and consider actions to quickly preserve value and address potential risks to stability.