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When you are serious about expanding your business or you want to get it in the best space possible for selling or transferring it, it is more important than ever to effectively manage it and do the necessary planning. This requires more frequent attention to the KPIs that drive your business and to forecasting cash flow, which the “Wisest” CFO Service with Xero Accounting Software can provide for you.

In addition to all the services provided with the “Wise” and “Wiser” CFO Services, this service increases the business review meetings with your Part-time CFO to monthly instead of quarterly. This service also provides you with great-looking reports using the Xero Add-on called Spotlight. Spotlight uses your Xero data to create reports that are performance and future-focused to greatly aid in decision making and are ideal for those important presentations to your Board or potential investors. It can even consolidate up to 20 entities into one report

Just when you thought that was all, the “Wisest” CFO Service also includes another Xero Add-On called Simply Cashflow which is a Cashflow and financial forecasting tool that is an easy way to predict and manage your cash flow and income. It allows you to run unlimited “What if” scenarios and view projections monthly, weekly or daily. Cashflow forecasting is very important for every business but it is crucial for businesses that are expanding quickly.

 Who will love “Wisest” CFO Service?

  • Expanding SMEs
  • Businesses looking to franchise
  • Business owners who want to sell at their pinnacle
  • Business owners getting the business ready to transfer to family members


What will you get with “Wisest” CFO Service?

  • Xero Subscription – the easy to use but powerful way to manage your business
  • Training on Xero – to get you started on the right track
  • Monthly Management Reports – available at the touch of a button with comments to help you improve your business’ performance
  • Year-end Financial Statements – ready for you to use for your tax return
  • Email and telephone support – to get the help you need when you need it
  • Access to Part-time CFO – to ask us anything when you have questions or want to bounce an idea off us
  • One Personal Income Tax Return prepared – by one of the Associate firms or we will pay the equivalent amount to your own tax preparer
  • Digital KPI Dashboard for your Business – so you and your Part-time CFO can assess your business’ performance, monitor trends and identify improvement opportunities all through a Xero Add-On called Fathom
  • Spotlight monthly management reports – that provide you with greater clarity on many aspects of your business with a great mix of data and visual presentations, allowing you to make better decisions.
  • Cashflow & financial forecasting with Simply Cashflow Dashboard – so that you and your Part-time CFO can project the future of your business because you can’t drive it forward by only looking in the rear-view mirror.
  • Monthly business review meeting – so you and your Part-time CFO can stay on time of the fast-changing growth of your business or the steps needed to plan the transition out.


Get “Wisest” CFO Service now – starting at $549 per month

It’s easy to get started – just call or email to make a no-obligation chat. When you are ready, we’ll set you up right away.

We guarantee that you will love it. If you decide that you don’t love it and want to cancel any time in the first 2 months, we’ll give you all your money back. We are that confident that you will love Xero and Profitable Wisdom.

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