Xero is beautiful online accounting software for business

xero dashboardXero is an easy to use but powerful cloud-based accounting system designed for small and medium sized businesses. It makes managing your business easier and more fun. See the many reasons why it is good for your business:

1. Wise Cashflow Tracking

Xero automatically imports all your bank, credit card and Paypal transactions and allows you to easily reconcile so that your accounting records are always up to date. Xero will even guess what transactions match the bank transactions, making it all very easy to keep abreast of your cash flow.

2. Wise Invoicing

Create custom, professional invoices that you can email your customers directly and they can easily pay you online. You can even tell when your invoice has been opened, so there is no more "lost invoices" excuses. You can even set up repeat invoices so you can create invoices for monthly charges automatically.

3. Wise Bill Control

Clearly see what you owe and when it is due. Plan when payments will be made so you are on top of your cash flow. You can add bills various ways. You can even make batch payments of multiple bills by online banking, saving you time.

4. Wise Financial Reporting

View reports with up-to-date information that you can drill down to the source document. Your Part-time CFO will prepare monthly reports that include graphs and comments to help you understand and improve your financial performance through-out the year.

5. Wise Access Anywhere & Anytime

Access Xero anywhere, anytime using your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone. This allows you to reconcile your bank, send an invoice and enter expenses on the go.

6. Wise Back ups

There is nothing to install and you are always using the latest update. Xero is constantly evolving and there is only one version at any point of time. Xero stores all your accounting information on highly secure corporate grade servers that are automatically backed up.

7. Wise Use of Add-ons

Xero has over 300 add-ons that can help you run your business effectively that Profitable Wisdom can help you find the right one for your needs and implement it for you. Click here to see all the add-ons available. For example, check out what the following Add-Ons can do for your business:

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